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Los Santos Police Department

Los Santos Police Department

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 IA Complaint Process

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Sam Murphy
Former Chief of Police
Former Chief of Police
Sam Murphy

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PostSubject: IA Complaint Process   Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:13 pm

Los Santos Police Department || 7301 Preshing Square, CA 92010
Ph: (299) 271-382 Fax: (299) 271-0412

Your complaint is important. The Los Santos Police Department is committed to receiving and accepting complaints about the actions and performance of all personnel. As an organization, we try very hard to provide the highest level of quality law enforcement service to all citizens. Policing is a very difficult and complex job in today's society, and we realize that mistakes can be made, and the actions of our personnel may fall short of your expectations. Citizen input, both positive and negative, is vital to our organizational goals.

How do I file a complaint?

You may file your complaint in several ways.

  • By telephone: (299) 271-382 or (299) 271-0412.
  • The Internal Affairs Unit is available Sunday through Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm. You can contact any Region office and request to speak to a supervisor. On evenings, weekends, and holidays, you may request to have the Staff Duty Officer contact you (299) 271-382.
  • In Person:
    You may request to speak to the employee’s supervisor at the time of the event. You can also go by any district or region office and request to speak to a supervisor.

It is the policy of this department to ensure that integrity is maintained through an internal system whereby objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured by intensive and impartial investigation and review to clear the innocent, establish guilt of wrongdoers, and to facilitate fair, suitable and consistent disciplinary action.
You will be informed of only the final disposition of the complaint. If the case is to be found sustained in your nature, you will not be told of the action(s) taken against the employee. This information is not public.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is defined as:
An allegation of circumstance(s) mounting to a specific act or omission which, if proven true, would amount to employee misconduct; or an expression of dissatisfaction with a policy, procedure, practice, philosophy, service or legal standard of the agency.
Misconduct is an act or omission by an employee, which, if proven true, would normally result in some form of discipline or sanction.

What types of complaints does the Los Santos Police Department recognize?

Both "informal" and "formal" complaints are recognized. An "informal" complaint is a minor issue that may be handled by the employee's supervisor with no other action. A "formal" complaint is any complaint that is not an informal complaint, and is handled through official channels and documentation.

Who can make a complaint?

The Los Santos Police Department accepts complaints against any of its employees and will investigate all these complaints to the appropriate disposition. A complaint can come from either an external or internal source, and can be accepted from:

  • Individual aggrieved people.
  • A third party.
  • A governmental agency.
  • An anonymous person.
  • Employing agencies.
  • Human rights.

Who will investigate my complaint?

Your complaint will be taken by High Command Personnel. If the complaint is resolved, no other action will be taken. If further action is warranted, the complaint is processed through the Internal Affairs Unit for tracking purposes, and assigned to the employee's supervisor or the Internal Affairs Unit to investigate.

Sam Murphy, U21K82.
[*]Former Chief of Police.
[*]High School Diploma.
[*]Los Santos Police Department Training Division
[*]Former SIU Captain.
[*]Former SCU Captain.

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IA Complaint Process
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