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Los Santos Police Department

Los Santos Police Department

To Protect & Serve
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 Police Press-Releases

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Stario Molintino
Chief of Police & Forum Founder
Chief of Police & Forum Founder
Stario Molintino

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PostSubject: Police Press-Releases   Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:17 pm

Los Santos Police Department
Public Press-Releases

Los Santos Police Department || 7301 Preshing Square, CA 92010
Ph: (299) 271-382 Fax: (299) 271-0412

Press releases; also known as news releases; are information gathered by several law enforcement police officers and/or various law enforcement agencies, as an acknowledgement to the public on how the law enforcement factions attend their duties along with their tasks and which kind of situations do they face daily. Press releases may be a written and/or a recorded communication aimed towards the public.

Upon completely submitting a press release, explanations shall be sorted out evidently and in detail; considering it directed at both, the public and members. Press releases shall contain proper evidence, if permitted, depending on the situation. Therefore, providing press releases without proper evidence, excessively, will likely result in yourself being disqualified and potentially getting your own press releases ignored; considering that press releases are presumed upon evidence for the public to view and read with entertainment.

Occasionally, public may have the right to complain on potential do-nothing press releases, that may contain improper, foolish or hateful statements. Multiple press-releases without evidence may also be considered illegal and will possibly result in complaints from fellow citizens or other law enforcement factions, considering that civilians read our press-releases for fun, entertainment or contribution upon how the law enforcement factions perform their duties.

May this be a side-note; press releases with improper grammar may be inadequate and might lead to an annulment.

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Police Press-Releases
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